Unlocking the Secrets of my Library

Writing a blog post is easy.

Writing a blog post that clearly reflects who you are as a person is not as easy as you think.

As I sit here typing away at this particular blog post, I find myself glancing at my one bookshelf filled with around 100 books. It tells me some uncomfortable truths about myself.

  • 42 books relate to Christianity, the Bible, and theology.

  • 12 books cover the topic of creativity, writing, and content marketing.

  • 3 large volumes pay homage to the great Christian author and thinker, C.S. Lewis.

  • 23 books contain the fictional works of many different authors both ancient and modern.

  • 20-ish books are not actually books at all, but binders filled with notes, bad poetry, and other literary flotsam and jetsam that I have penned over the years.

I feel uncomfortable as I observe my collection mostly because the books here remind me how undeveloped my reading discipline is even after all these years. For one, I could make an educated guess that 50% of the words written on this shelf I have not yet read.

Okay, maybe that’s common for most personal libraries. You might be saying, “That’s just like me and my shelf. Don’t be so hard on yourself."

This is not the end of my explanation, however.

Opening the honesty doors a bit further, I guess that I have only ever read another 40-50 books in sum. That’s right. 100 books total in my entire life.

As a reminder to those reading this, I call myself a writer.

Anyway, that’s the uncomfortable truth I see in my library.

I have good news as well. As it turns out, these 100 books that I have read have impacted who I am as a person maybe more than any one human being I have known or any one experience I have ever had:

  1. I am deeply devoted to my faith.

  2. More than any other vocation or practice, the craft and labour of writing define a major part of who I am.

  3. As far as fiction goes, I love epic fantasy and love writing it. LOTR, Narnia, Sword of Shannara. You get the idea.

That brings me back to the blog. When I started blogging in 2015, I created and posted a blog article on average three times a week for two solid years. Most of it was humour-based and a lot of it became the content for my self-published work, “How to Laugh and Think Like a Christian” (2017). For that season, I found great enjoyment writing to make people giggle a bit.

But I have not come close to producing that kind of content since. Paying the bills, ministry at church, and running a hot sauce business has snatched up my time.

But the biggest truth about reading and blogging that I can share with you has to do with being honest about who you are. My writing has started becoming more personal. While I write a fair bit on topics that I feel are helpful and relevant to others, they stem more from who I am inside as a person.

That’s why I think I don’t write as frequently anymore. The infrequent reader likely will be the infrequent writer. It more closely reflects the author himself.

Does that mean I am going to give myself a good swift kick in the backside and suddenly after all these years become a 100-books-read-a-year guy? Probably not.

But I will write from a place that reflects who I am. My likes, dislikes, experiences, and perspectives. If you want to know what to expect from me as a writer, you need only read the list above and look at the picture to know what’s in my library.

What’s in your library? Is that something you could share comfortably? Are you ready to expose yourself to the public that way? I welcome your thoughts.

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