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I started writing creatively at 17. I sat in a Smitty's Pancake House one Saturday afternoon and developed some of the most atrocious poetry ever committed to paper. I still have some of it. No, I won't publish them. :)

At different times, I have committed myself to essay writing, short stories, novels, screenplays, non-fiction work, sermon writing, stage plays, poetry, blog writing, and copywriting. In 2017, I self-published a collection of humour blog articles entitled "How to Laugh and Think Like a Christian." That work is now out of print, but you might see an article or two from that work here from time to time.

The primary purpose of this site is to market myself as a professional copywriter, public speaker, and educator. My services can be found on the Hire Me page (see menu above). 

The blog (see menu above) is a bit more loose, and offers a wide array of topics, from Christian thought to freelance writing to amazing BBQ tips. With time, there will be a little of something for everyone there.

I am a 50-something man, father of three adult men, and husband of one patient woman. I am the Education Director for a furniture manufacturing firm and the owner of a hot sauce production company.

I live by the tagline you see above: Write. Teach. Create.

κενόω ο ίδιος.